This is how a new project had started – online shop.

Our own is always near

The name Nashen’ka not only emphasizes the locality of the project and the focus on the products of the Poultry Production, but also its good neighborliness, cordiality, warmth, closeness to the consumer, openness to dialogue and cooperation.

Nashen’ka preserves and improves the valuable qualities loved by regular customers from the online store of the Poultry Production «Severnaya». This is an online order from production, unsurpassed and guaranteed first freshness for our own products, a unique in-house assortment, convenience and simplicity of online ordering, good and honest discounts, regular promotions.

And also Nashen’ka becomes a new online service. It brings together reliable local producers, quality products and retail buyers of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region on one site, created by the same local JSC Poultry Production “Severnaya”.

We guarantee the quality of not only our own, but also third-party assortments, we carefully select partners who are ready, like ourselves, to guarantee the freshness of the delivered product for customers, stability, product safety and excellent taste.

true place

"Nashe" means "Our" – includes concepts: care, warmth and freshness of products from the local fabric.

Nashen’ka - it’s trustable, local
and with a guarantee of the freshness.